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Representative Payee Services
Woman at ATMProvide money management by receiving monthly income and paying monthly bills and obligations.

Ensure that benefit payments are used for basic needs first, providing the person with a more stable living environment.

Use tailored budgets to fit the individual's needs. Budgets can be changed as needed.

Clients may receive payment using EMI business checks through the mail, direct deposit into their own bank account, or a US Bank AccelaPay® VISA® prepaid card. The choice is theirs.

Know the assistance programs and apply for ALL entitlements due our clients. For example, Veteran Affairs Benefits.

Provide monthly accounting to clients and/or family upon request.

Report necessary changes to Social Security, VA, RRB, Medical Assistance, and service providers such as long term care and assisted living facilities.

Complete all necessary forms to keep entitlements current. This includes Social Security, SSI, MSA, Medicare, and Medical Assistance.

Work in conjunction with elderly waiver or alternative care grant providers and budgets.

In cases where a beneficiary is in a nursing home or other facility, EMI sets aside $96/month to be used for personal needs or saved on their behalf.

Other Services
Consult with clients and/or family members to determine eligibility.

Assist in gathering the correct information for MA application.

Provide follow-up information and evidence as required by economic assistance at the county level.

Continue as the authorized representative on an ongoing basis, providing periodic reporting as required to maintain assistance.

We also offer direct deposit and the US Bank AccelaPay® VISA® prepaid card.

Other Professionals
EMI works with family attorneys, accountants and financial advisors. EMI has helped many families with the activities below: