About Us


Smiling WomanEntitlement Maintenance, Inc. (EMI) has been serving Minnesota since 1996.

We provide representative payee services for over 500 clients with a diverse set of needs.

We are a non-profit organization with the clients' best interest in mind. Our clients include anyone receiving government benefits and having trouble managing their finances. This could include seniors, adults with disabilities or children.

Our goal is to work together with family members, social workers, case managers and financial workers to meet the needs of each individual client. Communication with everyone involved is the key to join the right services to the right client.

We meet our clients' needs with consideration and dignity, allowing the client as much autonomy in life choices as possible.

EMI does not enter into the decision making process as to whether or not a person needs a payee. The government agency issuing the benefit makes the determination that a payee is necessary. They may receive a doctor's statement or information from family and/or social workers that a person is having difficulty managing their financial affairs.

EMI provides representative payee services for clients in the community, in assisted living facilities or in long term care. We often receive referrals from social service professionals.

For private pay individuals, we charge $41/month for our payee services. For those receiving MSA this fee is reduced to $16/month. For those residing in group homes, adult foster care or nursing homes, the fee is waived.

EMI is approved and audited by both the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration. We also carry a fiduciary bond.